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What not to include on your resume


What not to include on your resume

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There's no shortage of resume writing information out there, all telling you how to write the perfect resume, what to include and some even with ready to post applications. Well instead, here at Jobstralia, we thought we'd give you a head's up on a few things you're not required to include and even a few things you'll definitely want to avoid.   

Detailed personal information
While ofcourse you need to include relevant contact information such as Full name, address, phone number and e-mail address, and further personal information isn't a necessity. View to discrimination at work being a real issue, you're not obliged to include any of the following points:


marital status





any other personal information

While ofcourse this information isn't required, there may be times you wish to include certain information to help with your application. For example if applying for a post that requires good knowledge of foreign languages you'll ofcourse want to mention your fluent French skills.

It was once common practice to include written references in any job application, however now a simple line at the bottom of your resume reading something like “references available on request” will suffice.

Grammatical errors
One sure way to ensure you'll not be called for interview is to include typing or grammatical errors in your application. Take all necessary precautions to ensure you've got an impeccable application and don't be fooled into thinking you can rely on a spellchecker alone. Spellcheckers will ensure there are no typing errors; however they will not pick up on misused correctly spelled words. So too a void may king errors in you're application, don't rely on a spell Czech alone.

Factual errors
Fact errors are even more unforgivable than grammatical errors. You'll not impress anyone when you get the company name wrong or direct your application to the newest intern instead of the hiring manager. Double, then triple check everything that you include on your resume before sending it in.  

A fancy layout
Don't attempt to make your resume more creative by including a mixture of jazzy fonts or pictured backgrounds. Your resume is a practical, professional document with the sole purpose of helping you land that job. The hiring manager is not looking to admire your creative font choice. Make it easy for them to see your relevant skills and wealth of experience by keeping it simple in Times New Roman, Arial or Century for example.

A photo, however nice it looks, is not going to help a recruiter decide on your ability to do the job you've applied for. As such you shouldn't include a photo unless it was specifically asked for in the job advert or if your job requires it such as an Actor or Model.


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