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KinCare provides care for the elderly and people with disabilities all across the Australia. The company offer jobs in caring, but also in senior management, research, health services, marketing, sales, administration and financial management. One should settle into the roles that are provided at KinCare with ease, as the company provides one-on-one training and support.

KinCare is an Equal Opportunity Employer, which means that company hires candidate from different cultures and diverse backgrounds. Candidates who are passionate about the Health, Ageing and Disability Care sectors, have a real chance to find their place within the company, even without any working experience in these fields. However, you need to have a car and an Australian driver's licence to apply to, as KinCare employees provide services to its clients in their homes. 

KinCare provides not only a very inclusive environment, but also flexible work options to its employees. It's a great opportunity for students to earn their life, while studying. 

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